Work smarter.
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Our smartest Archicad template yet.

Empower your interaction with Archicad. 

Save time and money.

Work smarter

See productivity increase across your business. The Smart Template provides the foundation for your office standards as well as a documented workflow. It reduces errors and increases project certainty.


We continuously verify the Smart Template against our own real-world experiences working with and testing Archicad's latest features in live project environments.

It includes all necessary workarounds to ensure a productive workflow.


The Smart Template was first released in 2007 and has been continually improved ever since by industry experts with a wealth of practical experience working with offices big and small across Australia and New Zealand.

Save time & money

The Smart Template is exceptional value.

Its efficient feature set will see you re-coup your investment into Archicad in no time. Whether you are new to Archicad or a seasoned user, it will save you time and money.

Any platform

The Smart Template is built for Archicad and works equally well on Mac or PC.

We provide custom solutions to specific Archicad problems, either via tested workflows or special GDL library parts.


The Smart Template is continuously developed based on our clients feedback and feature requests.

Let us know what you need and our experts will provide a solution for you.


What's new for Archicad 27

Additional Features based on our clients feedback,
and our very own experts continued usage of Archicad.


New GO Rules ( Folders)

We have expanded our list of Graphic Override rules, adding new rules to facilitate QA checks.
All GO rules are now also sorted into folders.

  • ADG, Council Codes, etc
  • QA - Archicad Layer
  • QA - Classification
  • QA - Position
  • 3846

    Smart Door Label

    To facilitate AS compliance checks of Door openings we have updated our existing object and made it into an even easier to use Door Label.


    Smart Wall Schedule

    Not content with how Wall Schedules work in Archicad at the moment, we developed a label that does all we need from a Wall Schedule.


    Lifecycle Assessment

    New tools, classification and building material data have been added to facilitate studies into environmental impact and lifecycle assessments.


    Smart Speech Bubble

    Well we thought the Label tool is ready for some fun! On a more serious note though our new Smart Speech Bubble, will dramatically improve the Graphics of your Drawings and 3D Documents.

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    Years of improvement


    Library Parts


    Comprehensive Feature Set

    The Smart Template also contains the following
    32+ tried and trusted features.

    Seamless Integration

    Why you need a Smart Template

    Being new to Archicad and having to set up a new project file can be a very daunting task – let us help you.


    Gain flexibility by having any person in your office join any project.

    The Smart Template ensures they immediately know their way around.


    The Smart Template creates certainty that when it’s crunch time there’s less room for error…
    no need for users to spend time inventing their own settings.


    With less potential for errors the Smart Template guarantees that what rolls out of the printer will conform to your standards and expectations.


    Get up and running in no time with our full set of documentation.

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