Smart Label
by macinteract.

The Smart Label labels anything one can label.

It is the Swiss Army Knife of Labels.

Save yourself time and money.

Also included with our Smart Template.

Compatible from AC22+

"We have not yet found something, the Smart Label can not label."

You after purchase

Architect with more time

"Finally we can adjust the leader lines more easily and choose between different arrow heads."

Another happy customer

Impressed draughtsman

One Label to display

The Smart People object is designed to not distract from your architectural design with overly detailed and polygon heavy 3D entourage elements.

Keeping it simple, yet beautiful in the background.


The Smart Label can display up to 8 rows of data:


Element ID

Element Name




Top Surface

Projected Area


Elevation to top or bottom

Select dimensions


Building Material

Multiple controls for
the perfect look.

Finetune all graphic aspects of the Smart Lable to achieve your preferred graphic representation.




Model View Options

Our friendly and expert team
will help you

Finetune all graphic aspects of the Smart People object to achieve your preferred graphic representation.

Our team members are all industry experts, and use Archicad daily to produce architectural drawings.

Best of all we’ll be there to lend a helping hand.


Multi lingual

Archicad experts

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