Views from Sun
coded by macinteract.

For Archicad users who need to prepare diagrams illustrating their projects met local solar requirements.

Also included with our Smart Template.

Compatible from AC19+

"Wish I had this for my last projects. The addition of the 3d view cones, make saving Views so much easier."

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Architect with more time

"In the past we used an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the camera positions and then we had to transfer it manually into Archicad... using this Object saves us so much time!"

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Smart and easy:

The Smart Views from Sun object is designed to be easy to use, whilst being as accurate as possible.

Place it once, adjust and save views which update, as you make changes to your design.


Preset to follow your project’s orientation, simply adjust the required date, time period and interval, then click on 3d cones to save as individual Views.

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Our team members are all industry experts, and use Archicad daily to produce architectural drawings.

Best of all we’ll be there to lend a helping hand.


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