Smart Tree
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Archicad users use our Smart Tree object to jazz up their drawings and client presentations.

Save yourself time and money.

Also included with our Smart Template.

Compatible from AC21+

"Finally a useful Tree object displaying properly directly in Archicad. This means we do no longer need to do post-processing in Photoshop to do shadows, saving us so much time..."

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Architect with more time

"This object is exactly what I was looking for - thanks to the low poly count our files are now much faster... and still looking good."

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Impressed draughtsman

One object that displays
correctly in

The Smart Tree object is designed to not distract from your architectural design with overly detailed and polygon heavy 3D entourage elements.

Keeping it simple, yet beautiful in the background.


Choose from the various included graphics or add your own… Instructions here!

Btw. we are not done with this object yet!
We plan to include more styles in the next version… let us know what you want to see.


Plan options


Elevation & 3D options

Multiple controls for
the perfect look.

Finetune all graphic aspects of the Smart Tree object to achieve your preferred graphic representation.




Model View Options

Guns to the rescue

Our friendly and expert team
will help you

Our team members are all industry experts, and use Archicad daily to produce architectural drawings.

Best of all we’ll be there to lend a helping hand.


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