Smart Environment
by macinteract.

Supercharge Archicad with our custom Work Environment – everything you need for optimal performance.

Work smarter, design more.

"Really not sure how I operated before. This Work Environment puts all important features right at your fingertips!"

You after purchase

Architect with more time

"Creates a logical workflow and takes the pain out of Archicad features being buried deep down in some obscure submenu..."

Another happy customer

Impressed draughtsman

Workflow based

Work from left to right, putting the focus on Favourites for efficient modelling, supported by smart menus for quick access to the most important commands.

Enjoy shortcuts with a logical syntax of key combinations.

Optimised for peak

All performance relevant settings buried in the Work Environment settings, have been adjusted to make your life as easy as possible.

Guns to the rescue
... ...
... ...

Our friendly and expert team
is ready to help

Finetune all graphic aspects of the Smart People object to achieve your preferred graphic representation.

Our team members are all industry experts, and use Archicad daily to produce architectural drawings.

Best of all we’ll be there to lend a helping hand.


Multi lingual

Archicad experts

Good looking

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