Smart Transmittal
by macinteract.

Create a proper Transmittal, containing all important information, like what was issued when to whom – directly from within Archicad.

Without Excel.

Also included with our Smart Template.

Compatible from AC20+

"This is so much easier - no need to manually transfer everything into the separate Excel spreadsheet."

You after purchase

Architect with more time

"The Smart Transmittal is structured in a logical way making it easy to keep tabs on which drawings were issued when - exactly as we need it."

Another happy customer

Impressed draughtsman

via Revision Manager

The Smart Transmittal is integrated into the publishing process of drawings, collecting and updating the revision history at the same time.

Smart and straightforward.


Simply issue alongside your Drawing set(s), no need to switch apps.

To accomodate larger projects you can split the Transmittal into various sections.


Plan options


Elevation & 3D options

Multiple controls for
the perfect look.

Finetune all graphic aspects of the Smart Transmittal object to achieve your preferred graphic representation.




Model View Options

Our friendly and expert team
will help you

Finetune all graphic aspects of the Smart People object to achieve your preferred graphic representation.

Our team members are all industry experts, and use Archicad daily to produce architectural drawings.

Best of all we’ll be there to lend a helping hand.


Multi lingual

Archicad experts

Good looking

Guns to the rescue
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