Apple Mail shortcuts

You can use your keyboard to quickly accomplish many tasks in mail, here are the ones we find the most useful:

Create new compose windowCommand-N
Open Activity ViewerCommand-0 (zero)
Add senders to Address BookCommand-Y
Attach file to messageCommand-Shift-A
Increase quote levelCommand-‘ (single quote)
Decrease quote levelCommand-Option-‘ (single quote)
Send messageCommand-Shift-D
Forward messageCommand-Shift-F
Mark as read/unreadCommand-Shift-U
Reply to senderCommand-R
Reply to allCommand-Shift-R
Collapse the thread containing the selected message (when organized by thread)Left Arrow key
Expand the currently selected thread (when organized by thread)Right Arrow key
Move to next message in threadDown Arrow key
Move to previous message in threadUp Arrow key

TIP > The full list of mail shortcuts is available under:
‘Apple Mail > Help > Mail help > search: keyboard shortcuts’

Another trick we are using all the time, is the following from an article on essential shortcuts over at macworld:

You can select any mailbox in Mail’s sidebar to see its contents, but many people don’t realize you can select multiple mailboxes at the same time to display the contents of all of them. […] I find this particularly useful in combination with message threading (View -> Organize by Thread). For example, I can select my Inbox and my Sent mailbox together and use threading to see the entire flow of a conversation between myself and another person.

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