Create automatic dimensions displaying accurate length, radius or diameter.

Select the Dimension Tool and simply click on edges you want to associate with dimensions, then drag and place a dimension line.

Edit Dimension text anytime, however keep in mind that if you edit the text, dimensions will no longer be updated automatically.

Modify Dimensions:

To change the attributes of a single Dimension just right-click and choose from options.

To Change the attributes of all dimensions or set default attributes for Dimensions select Window>Model Info>Dimensions 



There are 2 types of text available:

1. Screen Text: Is text that remains fixed on your screen while you are Zooming or Orbiting your model. Select the Text Tool, click the blank area anywhere on your screen and type your text.

2. Leader Text: Points to an element of your model with a leader line. Leader Text is connected to the model and will move along while navigating through your model. Select the Text Tool, click the entity you want to link your text to, move the cursor into position fot the text and click to type the text.

Modify Text:

To modify attributes to single text entity right-click on text and choose from options.

To modify attributes to all Text entities or set default attributes of Text select Window>Model Info>Text


3D Text

The 3D Text tool creates 3D geometry for any text you want.

Once you click on the Tool, a pop-up window will appear, type your text within and click Place to place the text into the desired location in your model.


INFO > Once placed in location, 3D Text becomes geometry.

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