Exporting 2D Graphics

Every SketchUp template contains a set of predefined settings for scene and units of measurement.

By default, the ‘Welcome to SketchUp’ dialog box will pop up when you open SketchUp, where you can select the right template for your design.

We recommend to start with the Architectural Design – Millimeters Template if you intend to use SketchUp for architectural projects.Two types of files can be exported out of SketchUp:

1. Image files: SketchUp allows you to export Image files of various file types like  JPEG, PNG, TIFF for raster images and PDF and 2. EPS for vector images.

CAD files: SketchUp allows you to export DWG and DXF files.

Setup and save your Scenes first, than select File>Export>2D Graphic and select the preferred file type to save and press Options… to set up specific export parameters.


JPEG File type Export Options:

Resolution – higher resolution=higher quality image export

Rendering – Anti-alias creates smooth edges

JPEG Compression – higher compression=smaller file size=decrease image quality


DWG File type Export Options:

AutoCAD Version – choose preferred AutoCAD release

Drawing Scale & Size – setup the scale for export

Profile Lines, Section Lines, Edge Extension – optional features, not really useful if you want to export a clean CAD file


Exporting Model

It is possible to export your model into various 3d file types for major 3d platforms.

When exporting, remember that other 3D modelling software can’t read all SketchUp features.

To export a model select File > Export > 3D Model… and choose the preferred file type and respective export parameters.

TIPYou can export the model as IFC file for BIM data exchange if you spent some time classifying the objects.

Exporting Animations

When your Scenes are set and in sequence you can export them as animation and save as a movie file.

Lets assume you have decided on your Scenes and now you want to create an Animation. The next steps are:

1. Move your Scenes up/down to get them into sequence:

2. Include only Scenes stored for animation:

3. Export Animation select File > Export > Animation and choose your preferred file format and export parameters…. 


TIP > To adjust scene delay and transition time go to Window > Model Info>Animation dialog. 

Exporting Section Slice

A Section Slice is a 2D section projection.

Right-click on a selected Section and choose Align View. The SketchUp Camera view will align with the Section Plane. Also change Camera Projection to Parallel. This is an important process as we want to export the Section Slice as non perspective drawing.

Select File > Export > Section Slice… and choose your preferred CAD file type (DWG or DXF) and choose export parameters.


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