Extension Warehouse

The Extension Warehouse is a website (similar to the 3D Warehouse), where you can install Extensions directly to your computer.

Where to find:

Click on Extension Warehouse icon or select Window > Extension Warehouse.

Search for an Extension you like (see our recommendations below) and press Install, then allow to install the Extension and when finished you can immediately use it inside SketchUp.

To run/access an Extension in SketchUp select Extensions from the Menu Bar on top of your screen or activate the Extension Toolbar in View > Tool Palettes > choose Extension Tool Palette.


Extension Manager

Is the location where you manage Extensions.

Where to find:

Click on the Extension Warehouse icon or select Window > Extension Manager.

Use this window to install/uninstall, update, enable/disable all plugins (extensions).


Recommended Extensions


Solar North (Pro only)

Provides tools for the set and display of the solar north angle that SketchUp uses to calculate the sun location, and therefore shadow directions. Useful if you’ve imported a model with a different “north” than SketchUp’s default.


Soap Skin & Bubble

This plugin allows you to apply a skin over edges to create complex curved surfaces. This Plugin comes as a Time-Limited Demo.


Path Copy

PathCopy allows you to select a path (edge, curve, or polyline*) and then select a group or component to copy along the selected path.  You can choose to copy the group or component to a set spacing by typing the distance into SketchUp’s Value Control Box (VCB), or you can type 0 (zero) to copy to the path’s vertices.  The group or component does not need to be on the path.


Curic SectionPlane Tool

The plugin offers the following functionalities:

Generate faces out of the section plane

Produce faces out of an object

Form boundary inside

Form boundary outside


Sun Hours

SunHours lets you fit a grid of desired density to any face or surface and then run an analysis on that grid that determines the amount of time that each point on the grid is in sunlight over the year, at the dates and times desired. The output is displayed as a heat map (which can also be customized) and exported as a CSV file.


SimLab PDF Exporter

Enables SketchUp users to share their 3D models in 3D PDF format.
This Plugin is a Time-Limited Demo.


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