Terms and Conditions

Updated 9/6/2024

macinteract means macinteract Pty. Ltd. ABN 44 155 154 653.

Services will be performed in order of the Scope of Works as outlined and if applicable each stage will be signed off. Additional work required as a result of changes, and/or changes to the Brief, or Scope of Services requested after sign off will be charged by the hour at the rates set out in this agreement.

macinteract can not be held responsible for any conflicts, damages, legal disputes, etc. that may arise from following provided QM systems and/or procedures. The Client shall retain complete Liability.

macinteract will take reasonable precautions to minimise the risk of potential data loss only in relation to the commissioned work being carried out / implemented. Before work commences the client needs to ensure that a continuous & reliable backup system is in place and an up-to-date backup set is available.

Emergency assistance is considered to be any work where immediate assistance is required.

After hours refers to work to be completed outside normal business hours in the period from 1730h to 0830h.

Time will be logged in 15 minute increments and invoices will be distributed fortnightly or upon successful completion of the above described phases or stages.

Payment by electronic funds transfer is due 7 days from date of receipt unless otherwise agreed. Provision of Services may be suspended, until payment is made or where payment is outstanding for 7 working days.

Late Payments attract a one-off $110 administration fee, plus 10% interest calculated daily.

The work of other consultants engaged by the Client can on request be coordinated and integrated by macinteract, but we will not be responsible for the services provided by them.

Copyright shall be retained by macinteract with provision for a licence for the Client to use any template, workflow or system for professional use by the company for which it was prepared only. We may revoke respective licences if any payment due under this agreement has not been made.

Either party may terminate this agreement on the expiration of at least 30 days written notice. Upon termination the Client shall pay macinteract all amounts payable pursuant to this agreement promptly. Upon cancellation or deferment of services percentage fees will be calculated on the current professional cost estimate of the works at the time of cancellation or deferment of services. Hourly rate fees due will be calculated based on submission of time sheets for the period outstanding since the last paid invoice.

Any dispute or difference in any matter arising from this agreement may be submitted to mediation after written notice of dispute or difference has been served by either party and the matter not being resolved by the parties within 5 working days of the notice.

Call out fees and parking ticket charges also apply, for details refer to our standard rates.

macinteract reviews and adjusts standard rates regularly – any applicable changes will be communicated in a timely manner.

All Fees and charges are quoted exclusive of GST unless noted.

All proposals are valid for 30 days, starting from the date of issue.

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