Finally we have found some VR hardware that we think is suited to architectural offices – the Oculus Quest.

You might rightfully wonder why we have been waiting for so long to jump onto the VR train?

It is simple really, we have seen a many expensive VR systems come and go and were not impressed beyond the initial WOW factor.

We think the below requirements are essential to make VR headsets work in most architectural offices:

  1. convenience > do you need to be tethered via cables to some other box in a dedicated area (for tracking sensor setup) and do you require skilled operators every time you want to use the VR setup?
  2. compatibility > do you need to invest in additional hard or software?
  3. practicality > how do you get a model on your VR headset from macOS BIM / CAD software packages, i.e. ARCHICAD, Vectorworks, SketchUP or Rhino?
  4. interaction > can you see what the VR headset user sees, or even better can I join them and show them around?

So let’s see how the Quest fares against the above criteria.