Project Map

Imagine the Archicad workspace as an unlimited 3D space where you design and model your buildings. To be able to communicate your design to others you need to issue a set of conventional drawings that other professionals can read and understand. As such every project can be described as a set of floor plans, sections, elevations, details, 3D perspectives, schedules, lists, etc.


This is what the Project Map does. It provides a tree structure of all viewpoints of your Virtual Building Model organised into corresponding folders. Each viewpoint is a drawing or schedule/list projected straight from the virtual building model. Every time you add a storey, section or elevation marker, detail marker, schedule, a corresponding entry will be filed under the relevant category in the Project Map (refer image below).

All of the listed viewpoints (projections) of the virtual model are displaying project elements filtered through various filters, enabling the specific display of  only a certain amount of elements/information that is required on a conventional drawing based on its design stage.


TIPThe basic principle is properly model elements only once, then apply filters to control its display as required.

INFO > In the Project Map the filters are shown temporarily, i.e. they are not saved.



Navigate your way through every aspect of your project.


Be careful although this list indicates which drawing is currently active, it does not change your view settings.

This means that there is a chance you will be drawing in the wrong layers, have essential layers turned off, work in the wrong model view (e.g. RCP vs plan), all making it more likely to have surprises when it comes to printing!


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