Where to find: Toolbox

Use this to: Add zones to be able to measure spaces, schedule areas and or volumes, etc.

Choose the appropriate construction method to either draw zones manually or interactively with elements like walls or polylines as zone boundaries.


TIPEnsure the zone boundary is closed and drawn correctly before your first click inside the area where you want the zone. You will also need to actively review which elements you want to be acting as zone boundaries. E.g. you might want only party walls to act as boundaries and not the internal walls. Check this in the relative Element Settings (COMMAND + T) > Listing and Labelling >  Relation to Zones…

INFO > Especially when working with referenced / hotlinked files, only use the zone boundary method and place the zones in the main file only, e.g. so zones can be given an apartment name and scheduled as such.


Simple room names (Zone alternative)

For beginners or simple projects the easiest way to label room names is by using the Text tool.

More complex projects might require the use of zones and their zone markers for this purpose. This however can get very complex and is recommended for advanced users only.

This is because you will have less control over Zone Stamp size and placement relative to a normal text box.


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