Introduction to Attributes

Attributes in Archicad describe and organise all Elements in your model. Attributes in Archicad are e.g. Line Types, Fills, Layers and Layer Combinations, etc.

It is very important to manage Attributes properly, especially when working with multiple files on one project. Attributes are file based, and managed from within an Archicad file. Linked files with differing Attributes will infect each other, making it very hard to control how the project is drawn and ultimately how your drawings will look. Therefore they need to be managed very carefully. 

If not already part of your template, set as many additional Attributes up at the start of a project in one file, and subsequently use that same file to generate other files needed for your project.

Important to distinguish is the difference between the Attribute Manager, which facilitates the organisational management (import / export / naming) of all attributes versus the Element Attributes themselves, which let you edit the actual individual Attribute (e.g. line types, fill types, etc).


Attribute Manager

Where to find: Options>Element Attributes>Attribute Manager.

Use this to: Import / export attributes.

Once set up at the start of a project use the attribute manager to export all attributes to a file as a backup. From the Attribute Manager:

1.Go to tab “All”.

2. Select all on left hand side.

3. Overwrite to the right hand side.

4. Save as…

Repeat these steps before(!) making any changes to attributes!

If you need to restore from a backup you must be very careful as deleting attributes can result in drawn information being lost. E.g. deleting layers from the Attribute Manager will also delete all the deleted layers’ content!



Where to find: Options>Element Attributes>…

Use this to: Change the attributes of any of the listed items.


INFO > In these settings windows you have no control over the index number. Create something new and it will get the next available number, edit something existing and it will keep the index of the existing attribute.

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