Teamwork lets a team of people work on a single Archicad file. A project is made available to users via a separate BIM server, providing a network location for an Archicad file.

If not already in your workspace add the Teamwork palette via Window>Palettes>Teamwork.


Joining a project.

Where to find: Teamwork>Open/Join Upon joining Archicad will download a temporary file and associated libraries to your computer. Once you are finished with or temporarily not working on a project you can go Teamwork>Leave… Your local data will be erased.


TIPTo improve Teamwork project file performance, we recommend that a nominated Model Manager works through the Archicad Smart Check > https://smart.macinteract.com/z/smart-check/


Send / Receive.

Where to find: set up shortcut.

Use this to: synchronize your file with the BIM server, i.e. send your changes to the BIM server and receive updates from the BIM server.

Note: it is still necessary to regularly save (COMMAND+S) the file you are working on to avoid data corruption.


Reserve / Request / Release.

Where to find: set up shortcut. (Also accessible via the Teamwork Palette.)

Use this to: reserve selected elements for you to work on. Watch out for: Reserving but not releasing when you’re done. Tip: To ensure all your changes are synchronised at the end of the day use the ‘Release All’ command to allow others to reserve your elements. If you aren’t at work the next day and you have forgotten to release your reserved elements an angry cad manager will have to manually synchronise your work. Tip: if you are the only person working on a file you can reserve all via Teamwork>Reserve All.


View settings.

Where to find: Teamwork palette.

Use this to: change display settings to distinguish what is reserved and by who.



Where to find: Teamwork Palette.

Use this to: communicate with team members, ask them to perform an action (do a send/receive, review an element,…).


Working offline.

Where to find: Teamwork palette, next to your username.

It is possible to work on a project while being offline. Off course you will not be able to reserve or send a message. You can keep editing what you already had reserved before going offline or create new elements.



Reload Project from Server.

Where to find: Teamwork>Project>Reload… Use this: in case your file got corrupted.

If that doesn’t resolve the issues:

Leave Teamwork Project Where to find: Teamwork>Project>…

In addition before rejoining delete local data (project & data) to force reload from the BIM server via Teamwork>Project>Local Data Manager or have and administrator kick you out.


Unable to release.

Sometimes the release of one item is dependent on another, e.g. can’t release a worksheet without releasing a locked drawn element on that worksheet first:

1. Send/Receive.

2. Unlock all layers and make visible.

3. In the Teamwork palette review “My Workspace” and try releasing items one by one.

Note: remember the order in which you release elements can matter. If something doesn’t release, move on and try releasing other items first.


In the most extreme case the project’s Model Manager might need to re-share the teamwork project:

1. Open BIM server manager>Backups

2. Either use Rollback or Download a pln to subsequently reshare as a teamwork project.



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