Modelling Setup

Modelling the Site

1. You can place the Site Mesh on any relevant Story, however it is safer to assign the home story as per the paragraph “Add Stories”. That way you make sure the mesh doesn’t accidentally get elevated by adjusting story levels and you can easily perform a visual check to see if it is still sitting at the correct level. This also keeps the mesh off your plan drawings as it most likely will not adhere to your graphical standards.

2. Activate the Mesh tool by double clicking the relevant Favourite. If no Favourite has been set up open the Mesh settings and set one up. Set the Mesh Offset to a general level relevant to your survey and the Project Zero. Note Mesh Height defines the thickness of the mesh.


INFO > Keep in mind that the spot levels you add in the following steps relate to your Project Zero. Therefore the Mesh needs to be set up relating to the Project Zero as well.


3. Draw a mesh as a rectangle large enough for future perspectives and large enough for your sections and elevations. It is better to draw it too large than too small as adding to a mesh afterwards can be cumbersome.

4. Trace & Reference the survey.

5. With the site mesh selected you can now add lines (sequential clicks) or points (double click the same spot). (Image 1)

6. Add a Z-coordinate to either the entire line (your cursor will change to a tripod hovering over the line) or single points by clicking them and selecting the Z icon in the pet palette: (Image 2)

7. Enter the coordinate relative to the Project Zero: (Image 3)


With the area defined by the mesh and relevant information of the survey switched on you can now draw or, magic wand separate meshes for urban blocks: select the curb polyline+mesh>hold spacebar>click inside the boundary.

Repeat steps for existing structures. Remember to pick up parameters for correct mesh from the favourites.


TIPWith the site modelled in 3D you can make a copy of the mesh and elevate it to reflect height restrictions. Place this mesh on a layer that is typically turned off and adjust set it to a translucent material this gives clear indication in 3D where you are exceeding the height restriction. Next trace the mesh in sections or elevations as required.


Site Controls

Trace & Reference the survey worksheet and trace the boundary. Set up and use a boundary line-type as a favourite. Use the tracker for input.

Repeat above steps for setbacks.



TIPFor the setbacks, trace the boundary with a polyline (“P”) in offset mode (“U”). Use the tracker for numerical input.

Use Trace & Reference on sections and elevations to draw boundaries and setbacks in the correct location.

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