Create a Section

In SketchUp you slice your model and look inside with the Section Plane Tool.

The Section Plane tool will cut your model along a respective plane – perpendicular to the red, green or blue axis.

Where to find:

Select Section Plane Tool or go Tool>Section Plane.

You can store and update Sections settings in the Scenes window.


TIPCreate impressive animations using Scenes to record the visibility of Section Planes.

INFO > You can hide Sections or de-activate Section Cuts. Control Sections general visibility in View>Section Planes or Section Cuts. Context-click on a Section Plane and choose Hide or Active Cut if you want to hide or de-activate a particular Section.

TIPIn SketchUp you can’t have multiple sections active as only one Section Cut can be active at all times. However a workaround exist, if you place one Section Cut inside a group/component and another outside the group, both Section Cuts can be active. Place Sections Cuts into various groups of your model and all of them can be active at the same time.

TIPTo close the voids created by section slice simply toggle section fill visibility in View > Section Fill.  To adjust Section Fill settings use the Styles panel.

Modify a Section

Every SketchUp template contains a set of predefined settings for scene and units of measurement.

By default, the ‘Welcome to SketchUp’ dialog box will pop up when you open SketchUp, where you can select the right template for your design.

We recommend to start with the Architectural Design – Millimeters Template if you intend to use SketchUp for architectural projects.Update the placement of your Section anytime with the Move or Rotate commands.

Or Context-click on a Section Plane and choose one of the following options:

1. Hide – hide selected section

2. Reverse – reverse section orientation

3. Active Cut – switch off/on selected section (activate/deactivate section)

4. Align View – align camera view with your section and create architectural sections, elevations and plans (choose Camera>Parallel Projection)

5. Create Group from Slice – creates new grouped geometry from the active section cut

To modify Section Cuts display settings open Styles>Edit>Modelling.

SketchUp allows you to change:

Inactive Section colour

Active Section colour

Section Fill

Colour of section cut Lines

Section cut line width


Intro to the Section Tool

2 minutes 23 seconds
video by @SketchUp

Advanced Sections

5 minutes 25 seconds
video by @SketchUp

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