SketchUp Viewer

SketchUp Viewer for Desktop

Open the SketchUp model and use standard commands or your mouse to navigate around the model.

Access the majority of SketchUp Viewer tools, commands, and settings within the pull-down menus of the Menu Bar.

The top left of the viewport is reserved for the Default Tool Set:

It contains 4 groups of tools:

1. Styles: Enable you to change how the model’s edges and faces look. Choose from X-ray, Back Edges, Wireframe, Hidden Lines, Shaded, Shaded with Textures or Monochrome.

2. Standard Views: You can set the camera at a standard view like Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, Right, or Isometric.

3. Shadows: Manage the sun for exact time and date of the year.

4. Slideshow: Play the scenes as an animation.


TIPThis area can be customised by right-clicking the toolbar and selecting Customise Toolbar…

INFO > To turn shadows on/off select View/Shadows

Manage the visibility of Section Planes and Section Cuts in View>Section Plane or Section Cut.

When you Print from SketchUp Desktop Viewer, the printout reflects the current view of the model.


SketchUp Viewer for Mobile

The SketchUp Mobile Viewer for iOS and Android is a great way to download and view your public or private SketchUp models that have been uploaded to the 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect, or Dropbox.

You can also transfer files directly to your phone or tablet (for example, via iTunes on iOS), or by opening SketchUp file attachments that were sent to you via email.


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