Publisher Map

The Publisher automates and simplifies the repeated and consistent output of a larger number of documents (Publisher items). Publisher Sets organise your drawings to be published in a set, and lets you pre-define the location to and in which format to publish each set.

The Publisher is controlled via the Publisher Map.

Each Publisher item refers directly to a View (View Map Item) or to a Layout (Layout Book Item) – each Publisher item is a shortcut to the View or to the Layout. Publisher Sets are stored with the project, so you can access them any time, adjust settings if needed, and re-publish them with only a few clicks.

Publisher Map: The Publisher Sets are organised in the Publisher Map

1. Use the Publisher Set Properties Dialog Box to choose a Publishing method for each Publisher Set (Options are: Print, Save files, Plot or Upload BIMx Hyper-model)

2. Use Duplicate Publisher Set to create a Set copy

3. Click the New Publisher Set button, to create new Publisher Set and name it.

4. Delete Publisher Set (note the popup warning window this cannot be undone)

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