Navigation within Model Space


3D Window

Where to find : F4, COMMAND + F4

Use this to: Navigate your model in 3D via the orbit command (shortcut = O).

Always review in 3D what you draw in plan view.

What looks good in plan can be the wrong colour, material, detail, size and/or base height (i.e. the height to its home story) in every other view.


CAUTION > If the 3D window is empty, check the renovation filter status – this setting can be different in the 2D and 3D window. If there are still parts missing check the missing elements are not being filtered by the Filter and Cut Elements in 3D command  (shortcut = COMMAND + OPTION + A).


2D vs 3D

Mainly draw or edit in plan, elevation or section as you will have more and better references in regard to the accuracy of any edits.



TIPEven though it is possible to have reference planes in the 3D window, you can easily mess up your 2D drawing by accidentally dragging elements out of view or to another story in 3D. I.e. it might look okay in 3D, but look wrong or disappear completely in 2D.

Develop a habit of always reviewing what you have done in the 3D window.

3D Cutaway

Where to find: View > Elements in 3D View > 3D Cutaway


Use this to: Quickly generate horizontal or vertical cuts through your model, e.g. to enable access into obstructed parts of a 3D model.



3D Styles

Where to find : View > 3D View Options > 3D Styles

Use this to: Adjust the display mode of your model in 3D – here you toggle between various render modes with or without shadows and transparency.


TIPDepending on the size and complexity of your model choose an appropriate render mode, the fastest useful render mode for general modelling is ‘White Model’ or ‘Simple Shaded’.



Show Selection / Marquee in 3D = F4

Show all in 3D = COMMAND + F4

Orbit = O

Fit in Window = COMMAND + ‘

3D Cutaway = COMMAND + Y

Filter and Cut Elements in 3D = COMMAND + OPTION + A

Perspective View = OPTION + F3

Axonometric View = COMMAND + F3

3D Projection Settings = COMMAND + OPTION + F3

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